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“We have one of the most comprehensive portfolios of branded beverages in the world. In every category of the drinks market we represent the world’s leading brands.” Ananth Raman, Beverages Manager

Gray Mackenzie & Partners works under the umbrella of ADMMI and is the leading distributor of alcoholic beverages in Abu Dhabi. Our longstanding commitment to the emirate and its liquor market has enabled us to build well established On Trade and Off Trade channels across the city.

The marketing of alcoholic beverages in the Middle East involves special considerations not applicable elsewhere and as such the knowledge of and sensitivity to local customs and attitudes coupled with a full understanding of the regulatory issues is essential.

Two vital factors contribute to Gray Mackenzie & Partners’ market leadership. Firstly, there is the unparalleled quality of our distribution and logistics functions and secondly is our local expertise, acquired over decades of successful operation in the Gulf.