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“Warehousing, physical distribution, and supply chain management; these are the heart of the group services we offer. But we also offer a warehousing and distribution service and consultancy to partners and third parties.” Vinod Nair, Logistics Manager

At the heart of ADMMI’s operations is ADMMI Logistics, whose primary functions are warehousing, physical distribution and supply chain management. ADMMI Logistics provides essential support to ADMMI Consumer by assuring delivery of consumer products (including perishable packaged groceries and other time-sensitive products) exactly when, where and in whatever quantity they are required. The division also plays a pivotal role in the success of other company operations such as ADMMI Engineering, while contributing directly to the corporate bottom line by providing storage, distribution and consultancy services to third parties. ADMMI Logistics also offers shrink-wrapping, banding and bar coding services for internal and external customers.