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Third Party Services

Warehousing, distribution and consultancy

While a large proportion of ADMMI Logistics warehousing and distribution resources are utilized by ADMMI’s internal business units, ample capacity exists to serve the needs of our external customers. With the expertise, systems and resources in place to respond fully, flexibly and – when necessary – on the run, we provide third party customers with a vital edge in highly competitive UAE marketplace.

Through intelligent storage and distribution, ADMMI Logistics delivers the benefits of stock consolidation, improved stock availability, a comfortable working capital position and economies of scale to our customer.
ADMMI Logistics also provides a logistics consultancy services to optimize these benefits
to third party clients.

Promotion packaging

Market forces quite often demand quick responses for promotion packaging and a timely supply of special offers to retailers in the form of shrink wrapped and banded offer packs result in increased movement off the shelves. Co-packaging, shrink wrapping, bar coding using high speed automatic machinery can be done at short notice while maintaining consistent high quality through regular controls and checks. Transportation is also provided free of cost from and to the clients premises. Insurance of goods is provided free of charge under our Comprehensive Insurance Policy.